Telefonica, Qualcomm XR collaborate to develop Metaverse system

The past year has shown that Extended Reality (XR), including Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), is capturing the imaginations of users and investors alike, with increasing use cases and market opportunities as more and more companies discover such applications. Help with operations or serve their customers. To tap into this, Telefónica and Qualcomm Technologies have announced a collaboration to strengthen their position as future leaders in the XR and Metaverse.

The partnership will see firms working together to develop and grow the XR ecosystem using it Snapdragon Space XR Developer Platform and Telefónica’s fixed and mobile network infrastructure. The agreement also includes the exploration and launch of joint commercial opportunities XR/Metaverse Products and Services.

Telefonica says it sees a lot of potential in integrating immersive devices with robust networks and Decentralized Web3 technology. The deal brings together the digital and analog worlds, opening up opportunities to offer new consumer experiences by redefining commerce, entertainment and communication in the metaverse.

For its part, Qualcomm Technologies believes the Snapdragon Spaces platform can empower developers to unlock the full potential of wearable AR using industry-leading technology, cross-device SDKs, and an open XR ecosystem. The company says it will enable developers to pioneer innovative experiences that will lead the next generation of immersive technology.

In this regard both companies are working to bring the Snapdragon space to various initiatives that are part of it Telefonica Innovation and Talent HubSuch as its original and open innovation program and computer programming campus 42. This will help grow the Snapdragon space ecosystem and foster the development of new products and services on XR, which Telefónica can test and commercialize with its consumer and business customers. .

“XR will bring a new dimension to the digital and real worlds, enabling people to communicate, do business, socialize and entertain themselves in new ways,” said Daniel Hernandez, Telefonica’s vice-president devices and consumer IoT. “We are preparing for this future, building infrastructure, developing teams, enhancing our services and establishing partnerships that will enable us to bring innovative new devices and services to our customers.

“Qualcomm Technologies has played a critical role in every phase of our industry’s development, and our collaboration with Snapdragon Spaces will help us grow in the emerging XR ecosystem and realize the next evolution of the Internet, the Metaverse.”

Dino Flor, Vice-President, Technology, Qualcomm Europe, added: “XR will redefine how we live, work and socialize. At a critical time in technology development and roll-out, we are excited to partner with Telefónica to foster active communities developing the future ecosystem through Snapdragon Spaces, which we believe will unlock the power of XR and take it to the next level. “

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