Subway puts Zen on the broadband menu

Subway puts Zen on the broadband menu

Restaurant chain Subway has chosen Zen Internet to provide broadband to more than 2,000 of its stores across the UK, largely in recognition of the need to transform the legacy service it used to provide a more reliable and resilient network.

In its operations, Subway said it prides itself on setting “rigorous” standards to ensure customers experience the same taste, service and in-store experience no matter where they go in the world.

INDEPENDENT BUYING COMPANY EUROPE LIMITED (IPC Europe), an independent non-profit organization owned by Subway Franchise In the region, it executes against these standards while providing financial and service benefits in Europe through volume purchasing and pan-European supply chain operations.

Recognizing the need to transition from the legacy service used by Subway stores across the UK, IPC Europe reviewed its connectivity requirements and looked for a partner that offered increased convenience, improved levels of service, improved resilience and a service that could scale with its future. Plans.

A founding principle of Subway franchises is to keep operating costs low, so finding an affordable offering that still allows store owners to provide excellent customer service is an important consideration. By looking at things differently, Jane was able to design a bespoke offering to meet the price point requirements without compromising service specification or resilience.

Jane adapted a Cisco router using what it describes as an “innovative” technical design with dynamic applications to meet the project’s requirements.

The service consists of a hybrid of both FTTC and FTTP connection services Which, when combined with a fully managed Cisco router, provides corporate Wi-Fi and Internet of Things in stores. It is also designed to be able to provide all the connectivity needs of a store, from managing card payments, interactive menu boards and advertising to managing CCTV, online delivery orders and even in-store drink dispensers.

The service was successfully deployed as a pilot across 30 stores as a proof of concept before full roll-out.

Jane says Subway stores can now access reliable connectivity to maximize their online platforms and enhance the customer experience, which franchisees were struggling with in previous legacy offerings. One of the franchisees in the pilot reported a significant increase in revenue as the new system facilitated the delivery of services such as Deliveroo, UberEats and JustTit in a way that was not possible before.

“Over the past decade the importance of a secure and stable internet connection has grown enormously in the retail sector,” said Simon Alldred, commercial director of IPC Europe. “Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, when eating out was impossible and we saw most of the traffic coming through pick-up and third-party delivery.

“Being aware of our in-store technology needs, we wanted to provide Subway franchisees with a bespoke Internet solution that would meet all their current and future needs.”

Zen business Managing director Martin O’Donnell said: “It’s been a collaborative process to design the right solution for IPC Europe and it’s gratifying that we’ve been able to solve their specific challenges.

“[We] Adopt a personal approach to provide the best service in the market,” he added. “Because we are independently owned, we can make quick decisions and adapt to our clients’ needs. The combination of pioneering technology with the best service in the market, at a scalable price for Subway’s operational model, allows the chain to further not only the customer experience but also their digital transformation efforts.”

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