Software developers lack sufficient security focus

Software developers lack sufficient security focus

A global survey of 5,001 software professionals from GitLab found that developers believe skills, High quality code And developer productivity is a key driver of DevOps adoption.

Sixth Anniversary of GitLab Global DevSecOps Survey It found that developers are prioritizing security and compliance, investing in toolchain integration and the ongoing impact of rapid DevOps adoption.

After two years of growth in technology adoption, nearly three-quarters of developers surveyed said they have adopted – or plan to adopt – a DevOps platform within the year.

Security and Complexity of DevOps Toolchains were among the main concerns among respondents.

Looking at toolchain integration, GitLab reported that 69% of those surveyed want to integrate their toolchain because of negative impact on monitoring, development delays, and developer experience.

The study found that while 60% of surveyed developers are releasing code faster than ever, nearly 40% said they were spending a quarter to half of their time maintaining or integrating complex toolchains – more than doubling the percentage from 2021.

Regarding security, the 2022 survey found that it is the highest priority investment area for organizations. It reported that more than half of security team members said their organizations had either left security to the left, to developers, or planned to do so this year.

However, despite the appetite to shift security to the left, GitLab has seen many companies still new to their approach and results. Only 10% of those surveyed reported receiving an additional budget for security.

GitLab says that the survey shows a Misalignment between security and development teams. More than half of survey respondents said security is a performance metric for developers within their organizations, but 50% of security professionals report that developers are failing to detect security issues – to the tune of 75% vulnerabilities.

To align performance metrics with reality, GitLab recommends that developers be encouraged to practice security protocols and provide full visibility into the toolchain and potential risks.

“Rapid deployment and speed to market are the biggest differentiators in today’s business landscape,” said Jonathan Hunt, GitLab’s vice-president of security. “This often comes at the expense of security—a major concern among technology, business and government leaders—but it doesn’t have to.

“Streamlined toolchains and standardized, transparent processes help organizations put security and compliance at the core of the software development lifecycle, rather than an afterthought.”

When security collaboration is achieved, organizations can deliver great results, GitLab said. The survey found that commitment to security is a driving force for many decision makers when choosing a DevOps platform or other tools.

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