Microsoft Surface Laptop Go review 2021

Why We Like It – Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go is a small compact package with the best features of Microsoft laptops. Features like the PixelSense display provide a great picture without reducing battery life.

Power or performance

While not exactly compatible with the Surface Pro X or Dell XPS 13930, the Surface Go is still reliable and can get the job done. The Intel Pentium Gold CPU powers the Surface laptop and while it fights more intensive programs, it’s not a Go issue. Quick, portable and quick note-taking while typing on Wi-Fi and where Surface Go excels is perfect for students or writers who don’t have to carry a heavy laptop.

Microsoft surface Go


Regarding the battery, it is important to note that the Surface Got has no battery all day. On the bright side, the included charger is so light that it won’t be a problem to carry it with the Surface Go. Even better, unlike the Lenovo Yoga C940, the Surface Go can be charged via USB C, as long as you have a portable charger you don’t have to bring the included charger.

Port / Expand-ability

The Microsoft Surface Go is equipped with a headphone jack, USB C port and pins and attaches a type cover to the tablet. Choosing a smaller port, especially 1 in 1 compared to the Dell XPS 13, but still effective, as long as you don’t mind using the adapter.

Build standards

Perhaps the biggest thing against the Surface Go is that you won’t get the full experience when buying. Since the Surface Go is only sold in its tablet form, both the Surface Pen and Type Cover are being sold separately. If you want to buy them through the Microsoft Store, it will be an extra $ 100+.


A bit of an omission when switching to tablet mode and laptop mode, it is important to note that to get the most out of the Surface Go, accessories need to be purchased additionally. To add, the Surface Go has only 128GB of memory, no way to increase storage, which may require a hard drive for those who use large files every day.

Wrap the Microsoft Surface Go

A compact laptop for compact consumers, the Microsoft Surface Go is a minimal version of the Surface Pro line, which it was made to do and nothing else. With a bright display, the keyboard provides easy to use and amazing performance, the Surface Go faces storage and an imperfect experience. Regardless, if you’re looking for a simple laptop on the go, the Surface Go is a strong competitor.

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