Fortnite Season 4 start and Season 3 end

Fortnite Season 3 officially ends on Sunday September 18, 2022. Fortnite Season 4 will begin immediately when the servers reopen,

so you should be ready to go first thing Sunday morning when you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and eager to score some Victory Royales.

The new patch 22.00 will be released when the game goes down on Sunday, although the precise amount of the update on each platform is unknown as of this writing. I’ll update this post once we know.

The new season brings a new Battle Pass, a new theme, new items, weaponry, GamePlay upgrades, and much more.


Season 4

Fortnite Season 4 is off to a great start. A large comet fragment has smashed into the map, changing the topography. Find new ways to play with gravity-defying Hop Rocks.

Immerse yourself in the aftermath of the hit while leveling up your Battle Pass and earning all new goodies.

The Season 4 Battle Pass has here, along with 100 tiers of great new prizes like as new cosmetic items, emotes, and Sprays.

Begin a movie marathon in Blockbuster, Save the World’s newest quest-line! The first part begins with five quests and one Landmark Mission. Ray has disappeared, and no one knows where she is. Investigate the comet with the assistance of Spitfire and Lok, and prepare to form a superhero team.

Release Date

fortnite chapter 3 season 4 release date september 18, 2022

Chapter 3 season 4 trailer

Fortnite season 4 trailer


GENERAL Input parameters can now be filtered by game mode.

  • They’ve also been organized by genre (Combat, Building, Editing, etc) to make it simpler to find what you’re looking for.
  • Icons for the tabs at the top of the Settings screen have been added.
  • The “Ignore Gamepad Input” option has been added to the Accessibility settings tab.
  • This option is useful for gamers who use external applications to remap their controller input and want the game to disregard it.

Fixes for bugs

  • A crash when utilizing radial menus has been fixed.
  • When utilizing a scope, the texture streaming behavior has been improved.
  • Some items were being displayed with low quality textures, which has now been fixed.
  • The weapon ammunition count display in the HUD was occasionally wrong.

Season 4 FAQ

When does fortnite season 4 start?

Fortnite season 4 start in Sunday September 18, 2022
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