EE upgrades 5G network across 14 new UK locations

EE upgrades 5G network across 14 new UK locations

Following the mobile network operator’s (MNO) launch of a new range of smartphone plans aimed at providing high-performance connectivity for customers using the latest 5G-enabled handsets, EE has announced the next phase of its 5G roll-out, bringing with it advanced technology. Speed ​​in 14 other towns and cities across the UK.

BT owned operator has officially launched its 5G mobile network – UK’s first consumer-facing 5G service – in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London and Manchester in May 2019.

Following its 5G switch-on progress, the roll-out was ramped up to April 2021 when, This follows the assignment phase of Ofcom’s 5G spectrum auctionEE has more than doubled its UK 5G frequency holdings, a move it says will enable it to offer customers the best and most extensive 5G network in the UK.

The company is looking to cash in as UK mobile customers take advantage of the influx of mobile operators in the country to invest 5G infrastructure.

According to the latest RootMetrics UK Mobile Performance Review, network providers are offering “outstanding” 5G reliability with low enough latency for smooth gaming and streaming. The study highlights how competition between EE, Three UK, Virgin Media O2 and Vodafone is improving the experience. The next generation of network users In the UK, the four major UK mobile operators are improving download speeds, reliability and latency of their networks.

The report shows that EE topped UK-wide, nationwide and metropolitan tests in the first half of the year. The operator won seven UK-wide RootScore categories, including the UK overall RootScore award for the ninth consecutive year.

In May 2022, three years after launching its next-generation mobile infrastructure, EE’s 5G network has become the first to cover 50% of the UK.

A major part of the operator’s network upgrade plan will see EE roll out 5G 2100MHz spectrum to sites that previously served 3G signals. The upgrade is designed to provide an improved 5G smartphone experience for customers, allowing them to get better indoor coverage, as well as more 5G capacity in busy areas.

Upgrades will take place in 14 major UK cities including London, Liverpool Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff and Belfast as well as Newport, Perth, Kilmarnock, Eastbourne, Scunthorpe, Chesterfield and Wellingborough. EE has added 14 new towns and cities to its 5G network, namely Bradford, Kidderminster, Peterborough, Bedford, Luton, Southampton, Newport, Dewsbury, Sutton in Ashfield, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Hemel Hempstead, East Kilbride, Bridgend and Carlisle. .

“To give customers the best smartphone experience, we are constantly upgrading and Expanding our 5G network,” commented Christian Thren, managing director of consumer marketing at EE. “With increased capacity, our customers will experience faster speeds and a more reliable experience.”

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