The 3 Best Kindles of 2022

wrote Seamus Bellamy Updated November 9, 2022 An Amazon Kindle gives readers the ability to take thousands of books, magazines and comics with them, wherever they go. A Kindle has a display that works in any lighting conditions, outstanding battery life, and the ability to buy and download books on the go is the icing … Read more

11 Best E-Readers of 2022

wrote Seamus Bellamy Updated November 7, 2022 With the many distractions that come from modern life, studying online can be difficult to settle. To get away from the constant notifications from online services like Facebook and Instagram, you can turn off your smartphone or tablet and open a good book. Alternatively, you can invest in … Read more

10 Best PC Gaming Accessories of 2022

Although the SteelSeries Apex Pro is a full-size keyboard with a number pad, it doesn’t take up much space on the desktop (although there is also a non-tenky version). Build quality is top class, with a matte black aluminum board and an incredibly comfortable, soft-touch wrist rest that connects magnetically. There’s a small OLED on … Read more

8 Best Paper Shredders of 2022

Who is it for: People with high security needs and some disposable income Page Limits: 12 sheets Continuous run time/cool down period: 10 min/40 min Can it shred: Paper, staples, paper clips This shredder was able to shred a single sheet of paper continuously for five minutes, without sending any error messages. It was able … Read more

6 Best Printers of 2022

wrote why alex And Lela Gwen Updated October 4, 2022 most of We work from home, be it for an employer, to maintain our personal financial discipline or, for school, can be submitted completely and digitally. Once in a while, however, you may need to print and sign a legal contract, scan receipts for your … Read more

6 Best Ultrabooks of 2022

Let’s face it: Lugging around a heavy laptop can be annoying and uncomfortable. If you’re constantly on the move, but need a portable laptop that’s also powerful, that’s where the Ultrabook comes in. Designed with portability in mind, ultrabooks typically weigh less than four pounds and are popular among business professionals and students. Many regular … Read more

6 Best External Hard Drives of 2022

wrote Richard Bugle Updated October 4, 2022 Investing in an external hard drive is one of the easiest ways to add extra storage space Windows PC or Mac To back up your important files, add extra capacity for games and media content, or create a complete backup of everything on your computer. After a month … Read more

5 Best Laptop Stands of 2022

wrote Corey Parten And Adrienne Ramirez Updated October 4, 2022 If you spend all day staring at your laptop, you’re probably no stranger to neck pain or wrist pain. If your desk setup is causing you discomfort, there’s only one thing to do: think about ergonomics. whether it is a Gaming laptop or a ChromebooksA … Read more

8 Best PC Gaming Controllers of 2022

wrote Matthew S. Smith Updated September 19, 2022 PC is an incredibly diverse gaming platform and you can find ports of titles from every genre, console and era of gaming. Many games are designed for a gamepad, so you’ll need one for the best gaming experience The best PC gaming controllers should be able to … Read more

8 Best Laptop Sleeves of 2022

wrote Ashley Barry-Biancuzzo And Adrienne Ramirez Updated September 13, 2022 Let’s deal with it. Laptops are not only complex machines, but they are also expensive and delicate. One splash of water in the wrong place and the whole thing can sizzle. Or what if your laptop suddenly crashes to the ground? Whether you’re a hardcore … Read more

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