Backups double the coordination in the event of a cyber-defense failure

Most organizations fail to protect themselves from cyber attacks and ransomware intrusions. That’s the view of James Blake, Cohesity’s EMEA CSO, who spoke to Computer Weekly Backup The company recently launched Datahawk services and its Data Security Alliance initiative. “I’ve seen how people defend themselves and why they fail miserably,” he said blakeWho added … Read more

DCMS UK Semiconductor Industry Assessment

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is looking to commission a £900,000 study to understand the technical and economic feasibility and need for a UK Semiconductor Infrastructure Initiative. In the tender notice to commission the report, DCMS said it aims to catalyze the growth of the UK semiconductor sector and contribute … Read more

Vodafone CEO Nick Reed has resigned

Vodafone Group CEO Nick Reid to step down on December 31 The telco operator announced that CFO Margherita Della Valle has been appointed interim group chief executive, while the board looks to begin the process of finding a new group chief executive. Reid said: “It has been a privilege to spend more than 20 … Read more

10 Steps to Creating a Data Catalog

Thank you for joining! Your access Pro+ Contents below. November 2022 10 Steps to Creating a Data Catalog Creating a data catalog is an important undertaking for many IT and data management teams, often done in conjunction with data governance and metadata management programs. But organizations should not undertake a data catalog project without getting … Read more

Electronic Trade Documents Bill: Why we must seize the day with distributed ledger technology

The Electronic Trade Documents Bill, currently making its way through the House of Lords, is a small but important piece of legislation. I call it “The Most Important Law You’ve Never Heard Of”. This has the potential to bring huge benefits: allowing British businesses to trade easier, faster and more economically, encouraging the development … Read more

The Post Office increased its ‘coffers’ as the Horizon system threw up unexplained shortfalls, the inquiry said

The Post Office benefited financially while subpostmasters suffered financially when government-owned businesses forced them to pay for losses at their branches that were caused by computer errors, the public inquiry said. At public hearings into the latest Post Office scandal, former National Federation of Subpostmasters (NFSP) president John Peabardy said that because of the … Read more

Twitter ‘replaces’ Hive shuts down service over privacy warning

Beehives are socialA social media network that has gained significant traction as a potential Twitter “replacement”. Irregular technology has been taken over by billionaire Elon MuskEthical hackers were forced to shut down its servers after identifying major vulnerabilities in the service that could potentially put user data at significant risk. Zerforschung, a decentralized collective … Read more

Ruturaj Gaikwad knocks seven sixes in one over to win the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Singer Irene Cara, of “Fame” and “Flashdance,” passed away at age 63. Alia Bhatt, will act in Japanese films in the future?