6 Best Tablets for Kids 2022

6 Best Tablets for Kids 2022

Choosing the best tablet for your child can be kind of difficult. A baby tablet is often a child’s first introduction to technology.

The best tablet for kids will be durable, have good screen quality, excellent battery life, and—most importantly—have excellent parental controls.

For this reason, I tested six of the most popular kids’ tablets on the market today with the help of my 6-year-old and 4-year-old.

We tested each device for about a week and used ease of use, app and game quality, and device quality, from audio and touchscreen performance to durability. we found Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids (11th Generation) (Available on Amazon for $139.99) Be the best tablet for kids we’ve tried.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids is the easiest to use, the easiest to hold and transport, and it comes preloaded with tons of games to keep your kids occupied. After years of testing in reviews, Amazon tablets continue to be our top pick for kids’ tablets

These are the best kids’ tablets we’ve tested, in order:

  1. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids
  2. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids
  3. Onn Tablet 10.1
  4. Leapfrog Leappad Academy
  5. iPad 2021
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
A child reading Binder of Doom on Amazon Fire 10

Credit: Review / Lisa Lawrence

6 Best Tablets for Kids 2022

Amazon Fire HD 10 comes preloaded with age-appropriate content.

Other kids’ tablets we’ve tested

How we tested tablets for kids


Hi, I’m Georgia Krall. In my career as a journalist, I have reported on many topics, from restaurants and food to parenting and education. I live in Montclair, NJ with my husband and two children.

Our daughter is 6 years old and my son is 4 years old. They’ve both been using tablets and interacting with screens for years, a skill that was honed and mastered during the pandemic.

The tests

I tested each tablet for about a week. First, I set everything up, including charging, setting up the account, and depending on the device, setting up a separate child account. I then downloaded the apps and set up the parental controls.

The ease of navigating the tablet’s interface, from how intuitive it worked (or didn’t work) to how difficult it was to set up child accounts and restrictions, played a big role in where the tablet appeared in the rankings.

Next, I tested the basics of how each device performs: I measured audio and video quality, touch screen sensitivity, battery life, ease of connectivity with Bluetooth and WiFi, and design quality.

Finally, my kids did their own tests. I measured their interest in pre-installed and downloaded apps, how easily they were able to navigate and use the tablet, and how quickly they lost interest in it. Each time they used a tablet I took notes and wrote about their experiences after each test.

What to Consider When Buying Kids Tablets

It runs on any operating system

An important consideration when choosing a tablet is what operating system it runs and which companies, if any, are already linked. For example, if parents or caregivers use Apple products, a Samsung or other device that runs Android software may not be as desirable initially. Along similar lines, Amazon Fire tablets are linked to your Amazon Prime account, which makes managing them very easy if you use Prime regularly.

These considerations did not affect our ranking, as everyone uses different products in their lives. For me, I use Apple products: iPhone, MacBook, etc And while Android tablets gave me some pause, I was able to use them with little effort and enjoy them more than giving my kids an iPad.

Does it come with preloaded content?

Another consideration is whether you want a tablet that comes ready to use or that needs to be set up with apps and content first. Amazon tablets and Onn come pre-installed with many apps, games and more. Linking the Fire to my Prime account was also super easy. On the other hand, Samsung devices had extra steps to set up the kids section.

The age of your children

Your child’s age also comes into play. An iPad or iPad mini Better suited for older kids who will be able to appreciate its quality and may need less help downloading apps. Fire, Samsung and On are good for all ages as the apps are available within the age range.

The price of your device

And of course, price is, of course, always a consideration. Do you really want your 3, 4 or even 5 year old to be responsible for a $300-plus device?

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